hyboz disinfection devices work so cleverly

hyboz disinfection devices
work so cleverly

The danger lurks on surfaces

Viruses and germs can be found everywhere. After human-to-human transmission, the contaminated surfaces of everyday objects represent the greatest risk of contracting serious diseases. Recent events have shown how dramatically this can develop: During the 2020 corona crisis, more than four million people became infected with the COVID-19 virus within a few months. According to the Robert Koch Institute, this virus can survive for up to six days on inanimate surfaces such as glass, plastic or metal. As a result, the entire world population was isolated and distanced from each other in order to slow the spread of the pathogen.

But even with these drastic measures, the danger is far from over. The virus will continue to exist, as will many other microorganisms which can pose a health risk.

Viruses stay out

In order to permanently and successfully minimise infection risks, it makes sense to subject products of foreign origin to thorough disinfection in the future. However, treatment with chemical substances is not advisable. Now, hyboz devices offer a convenient solution for the reliable sterilisation of contaminated surfaces – in a sustainable way.

With the power of ozone

hyboz devices take advantage of the sterilising effects of ozone. The integrated generator generates an ozone mixture directly in the device, which is then fed into the hermetically sealed disinfection chamber. There the object in question is disinfected by neutralising harmful microorganisms on the surface. As soon as the process is complete, the ozone is completely destroyed using the patented filter technology. As a user, you can easily follow the individual progress via an LED status light. The touchscreen display also shows you the time left in the process.

Easy to use

Practical, flexibly adjustable floor rails ensure that your objects have as few contact points as possible to completely neutralize germs on the surfaces.

The user-friendly interface allows you to conveniently select the desired disinfection process. hyboz currently offers three disinfection programs, between which you as a user can choose according to your needs

  • Turbo
  • Normal
  • Intensive

Confirmed by the Institut für Bioprozess- und Analysenmesstechnik e.V. (iba): Already in the Turbo program more than 99.99 percent are effectively reduced.