If you have any further questions ...

If you have
any further questions ...

General questions

What is ozone?

Ozone is a natural gas made up of three oxygen atoms. It is mainly found in the atmosphere. Because of its toxic effects in large quantities, ozone has a comparatively bad reputation. Nevertheless, it is essential for the survival of our planet; for example, it is able to absorb the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. In addition, the gas is characterised by its ability to neutralise. It binds harmful substances and pathogens and is therefore considered a strong disinfectant.

How is ozone produced?

Today’s technology has two options for producing ozone: firstly, by generating an electrical charge like with our hyboz disinfection devices, and secondly by using ultraviolet light.

Isn't ozone harmful?

No. Ozone is the only disinfectant which has full contact approval for food. It is, however, more expensive.

Questions about hyboz disinfection devices

For which products are the hyboz devices not suitable?

You can safely disinfect any item of daily use. The ozone-gas mixture also reaches the places which are normally difficult to clean.

What happens to the remaining stock after cleaning?

After disinfection, the ozone is completely converted into pure natural oxygen; no residues are created in this process.

How long does the disinfection process take?

The duration of the disinfection depends on the selected product group and the surface area. If the disinfection chamber is only slightly filled, the time period is about half an hour. If you make full use of the interior, you should allow for about 105 minutes.

How often does a hyboz device need to be serviced?

During development, special emphasis was placed on uncomplicated and long-lasting use. Therefore hyboz disinfection units contain only wear-free components that do not require maintenance.