For the application in private households and industry

For the application
in private households
and industry

hyboz - intended for all

Due to its neutralizing effect, treatment with ozone is already used in industrial vehicle cleaning. The ozonisation process is also common practice in other sectors such as water treatment or textile cleaning.

hyboz GmbH has also recognized the advantages of this technology and has now made it available to every consumer. With the disinfection of all surfaces regardless of the material, the hyboz product line offers flexible application possibilities in private households, companies and industries.

Your advantages at a glance

  • harmless to health
  • complete elimination of pathogens and harmful microorganisms
  • high safety standards
  • intuitive and easy to use interface

For private users

  • Safe treatment of food
  • Reliable disinfection of mouth and nose protection masks, fabrics, clothing and shoes
  • Effective germ elimination on kitchen utensils and dishes as well as baby and children’s toys

For companies and industries

  • Disinfection of deliveries up to the size of Euro pallets
  • Germ destruction on work clothing and tools
  • Possible applications in various industries: Medical sector, old people’s homes and nursing homes, day care centres, schools, biotechnology, chemistry, catering & hotel, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile and clothing industry, and many more.